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Wassup web3 people! This week’s newsletter is filled with a lot of quick bites, and memes (of course), along with numbers and links (from which you can learn a looooot).

Quick Bites

  • Arbitrum has finally announced its long-awaited airdrop! $ARB... Check eligibility here. Also, Arbitrum daily transactions broke 1M for the second time (Airdrop effect).
  • Ethereum’s “Shapella” hard fork has now been scheduled to deploy on mainnet on Apr. 12. The Shapella upgrade is the combination of the execution layer (Shanghai) with the consensus layer (Capella), which will allow validators to withdraw their locked-up ether from the network.
  • One of the affected users of Euler Finance sent the hacker a transaction with a comment. In response, the hacker sent 100 ETH to the wallet of the victim. As of now, there is no update on the hacker returning the funds, and also a $1M reward was announced by Euler Finance to whoever tracks the hacker. A thread on hack. The hacker got caught in connection with Lazarus, the North Korean hacker group:
  • “Ronin bridge exploiter,” which last March stole $625 million worth from crypto game #AxieInfinity, sent an on-chain note to Euler’s exploiter asking it to decrypt an encrypted message. But the message was a phishing scam attempting to steal the credentials for the Euler exploiter’s wallet. Just a hacker trying to hack a hacker. Also, ‘No Intention of Keeping What Is Not Ours,’ is what the DeFi protocol exploiter messaged to Euler Finance on-chain.
  • Polkadot is joining forces with global music giant Beatport to launch a digital collectible marketplace bringing electronic music culture to Web3. The platform will launch on Polkadot parachain Aventus Network.
  • Bitcoin hits 9-month high: $27,500.
  • Layer 2 networks have surged to new all-time highs (1.54M), with combined L2 activity beating out mainnet Ethereum transaction (1.04M) volume by 48% on Thursday (March 16th).
  • Microsoft is probably considering a deep move into web3: Microsoft has added code that would integrate a non-custodial crypto wallet into the company’s default Edge browser.
  • Unstoppable domains launches .polygon IDs.
  • Sesame Workshop is launching digital collectibles: The first collectibles will feature Cookie Monster and will be sold as NFTs on the VeVe app starting March 19. There will be 5,555 Cookie Monster NFTs available for purchase at $60 each.
  • SalesForce is launching a brand new NFT management platform dubbed “Salesforce Web3“.
  • Silicon Valley Bank officially files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.
  • USDT’s market cap is now almost 2x as much as that of USDC.
  • Balaji Srinivasan made a total of $1M bet (Balaji did 3 different bets, totaling $3M in spend) that 1 BTC will be > $1 million in less than 90 days.Just a marketing stunt?? Everyone is talking about it. I’m talking about it…So.. Anyways, we’ll have to wait till June mid.
Lido’s TVL increased by 18% in the past month. Up almost 25% in the last seven days. $ETH Staking Withdrawals in April 👀
Internal dispute leads to DefiLlama blockchain fork. Pseudonymous developer 0xngmi accuses the founders of launching a $LLAMA token without employee support.
The first congress hearing on Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank has been set for March 29th.
After spending five years at PolygonAnurag Arjun, one of the co-founders of Polygon is leaving to focus on the development of the modular layer 1 blockchain, Avail.
Harvest Keeper is a scam. Stay SAFU!
Nissan Files New Trademark Applications for NFTs and the Metaverse: The company has plans to offer an NFT marketplace, virtual clothes and cars, and metaverse advertising services.
SBF and Insiders Took $3.2B from FTX: Filings
~$2.2B to SBF
$587M to Nishad Sing
~$246M to Zixiao “Gary” Wang
~ 87M to Ryan Salame, co-CEO at FTX Digital Markets
~ 25M to John Samuel Trabucco
~ 6M to Caroline Ellison
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent that reveals their plans to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology in their video games. “NFT Framework For Transferring And Using Digital Assets Between Game Platforms” 👀
  • Immutable and Polygon Labs are partnering to build a dedicated gaming blockchain using zero-knowledge technology to accelerate decentralized game development.
  • Arbitrum aridrop is live??
  • Gala Games sues pNetwork for $27.7M 🚔.
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis introduced a law to ban the use of CBDCs in the state.
  • This BTC DeGod sold for 3.52 BTC ($100,000):
  • Sushi announced they received a subpoena from the SEC and they are fully cooperating with the investigation.
  • Celsius has received formal approval to let custody account holders receive more than 72% of their holdings.
  • Unstoppable Domains to allow users to send encrypted messages to one another, helping Web3 projects foster community. (from #polygon-based domains).
  • Magic Eden launches Bitcoin NFT Marketplace, supporting secondary sales of Bitcoin NFT.
  • Monero founder is a secret informant for the Interpol ???
  • XRP Climbs 20% in a Day, in the hope of Ripple might win the lawsuit. Looks like it is gonna win.
  • Nexon to build a blockchain version of its MapleStory Universe game using Polygon Supernet. And the game will have NFTs integrated with various functionality.
  • The IRS released guidance seeking to tax NFTs like other collectibles, the first move to clarify tax treatment of digital assets.

Interesting Numbers


Playboy held all the $ETH they earned from NFTs. They reported a loss of $4.9M on the holdings.


Bitcoin addresses increased by 1.7M over the past two months & 70K $BTC has been sent to self-custody since the collapse of SVB.


MakerDAO set to increase portfolio holdings in United States Treasury bonds (150% hike) from $500M to $1.25B.


Since 2014, the US State Department has confiscated and sold 185k $BTC in exchange for over $151 million. With the current price of $28,000 per coin, that would have been $5.2 billion 👀🔥🤯 IF ONLY THEY HODLed….


More than 500k Bitcoin inscriptions have been created on Ordinals protocol as of March 17th. BTC miners have earned an extra $2.66M in fees since the inscription boom. 

Interesting Reads

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